Friday, January 3, 2014

We have adopted a tree! The "Cooking Without Borders" team has adopted an olive tree in the Fiorano region of Marche, just outside of Ripatransone. While on our forthcoming trip in July, we will be making our way to the agriturismo to visit our tree and speak with Paulo and Paulo Berretta, the caretakers of the grove.

A little bit about the Fiorano grove where our tree lives:

"If sharing a hillside with an organic vineyard, an almond grove and fruit trees is your idea of the good life, this olive grove is for you. The grove is south west facing overlooking the fertile Piceno hills 15 km from the sea and 300m above sea level. The variety of olives and terroire make for an oil of intense aromas. Organic."

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

As 2014 approaches, it is time to get into 'travel mode'. Some of the amazing perspective we share as we embark on our trip...

"19 Things You'll Only Appreciate if You Study Abroad"

...why immersion experiences are so important.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TeamItalia 2014!

Looks like we have a team! As of today, we have 20 students, 3 guests and 3 chaperones making the trip. The airplane reservations are made and the countdown begins. So, what's next...

<> Sponsorship... we need backpacks, chef coats, assorted travel gear
<> Fundraising to help off-set the cost for some of our members have the experience that will create memories of a lifetime
<> A timeline and itinerary for the days leading up to our departure as well as the details for when we arrive

Monday, October 14, 2013

...And we are on our way...

The TeamItalia group is forming! Tuesday is the last day for the 2014 members be part of the travel team. We are set for 21 days in Marche, heading out in July. We have some great adventures planned. Check back for more news about TeamItalia 2014.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Using What We Learned

As we have embarked on a new school year, the lessons from the summer are not lost. We have recently tackled ravioli making, among other topics.

We have just heard that we will be serving dinner to our district school board in November. Members of TeamItalia will be charged with creating a menu based on our experiences in Ripatransone. You can bet that there will be pastas, taquino, stuffed Ascoli Piceno olives and other remarkable dishes from July's trip. As we get closer, we will share the menu and some images of the preparations.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Some highlights from TeamItalia 2012...

The video can also be seen/shared at:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pro Loco

One of the endearing aspects that came back with us is the idea of Pro Loco... We stumbled upon Pro Loco shirts as we strolled Ripatransone during one evening's wine tasting (pasatella). We asked one of Italian friends about the nature of the saying. In essence, Pro Loco is defined as "a volunteer, grass-roots organization... In some places though, a wider purpose has been taken on, that of promoting the town's products or tourism; and in some few cases, a very active and socially conscious Pro Loco will sponsor publications, scholarly research, or the restoration of local monuments."

You see, we are a group grounded in using what we know (cooking, providing service) to further the growth of our students while, as we can, assist our community. The Pro Loco notion, (pro loco is a Latin phrase that may be roughly translated "in favor of the place") seems to work for us. While we are not sponsoring publications or research, we are, in essence, a grassroots organization trying to promote the betterment of our surroundings, our place if you will. So, Pro Loco works for us. It means local. It means supported by the group. It means for the betterment of our community.  It works for us. You may see Pro Loco stamped on some upcoming Cooks & Bakers and/or Culinary Arts happenings. Now you know.