Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chef B writes: Hard to believe that one week from today, we will be "wheels down" at the Rome Airport. Our adventure started some two years ago with a happenstance meeting. And, now, we are heading over the North Atlantic for a 13-day journey that will surely create memories that will last forever.

The last-minute preparations include currency conversion (nightmare!), packing lists and trying to get on a sleep schedule that is, at least, close to the time difference in Ripatransone. Some of the more exciting pieces in preparing for the trip include selecting the appropriate traveling soundtrack, surely to include the Dave Matthews Band, and some trattoria music for mood, as well as some great reading material. Looks like Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw will be making the trip to provide fodder for the flight. Of course the requisite clothing, note-taking instruments and technology tools are all part of the packing list. We hope to liven up this online journal with some video in addition to still shots of the cooking classes, landscape, markets and towns we encounter. Trying to get the bugs out of the Sony Bloggie Video Camera is another challenge.

So, a week to go. It will be a slow week, accentuated with a flurry of activity as departure becomes eminent. Soon, boys and girls, soon!


  1. The descriptions and photos are incredible! Continue to keep us updated - we're thrilled to get to share at least a part of this experience with you!

    Keep the updates coming!

  2. Kelsey says: Oh, look, my father (as she laughs through her spoonful of Gellatto... by the way... it is only $1 here!)