Sunday, July 11, 2010

A day at the beach!

Samantha says: We spent the day at Grottomare, an active town on the Adriatic Sea. There is remarkable difference between the beaches here compared to those at home! The beach is in sections, under colored umbrellas complete with tables, chairs and restaurants just off the sand.If the beaches in Delaware were anything like these I think I would visit much more often! The ocean was warmer and clearer than any I have ever before experienced and a few members of our crew came across hermit crabs and starfish. Residents and other locals ride by on bikes and check out the tents selling everything from jewelry to purses and more shoes than one would care to count! Just off of the sand, restaurants, arcades and tennis courts line the sidewalk, bustling with locals and tourists alike, soaking up the sunshine. We enjoyed ice cream and real Italian pizza by the seaside with the crew to wrap up the day. Certainly a beach trip I will never forget! Buena notte!!


  1. Great update and fantastic photos!

  2. Sounds heavenly!! Gotta admit, I'm JEALOUS! I won't blame you if you never want to come home! Love the pics & updates! Have fun and get plenty of rest! :)