Sunday, May 20, 2012

As we approach our final parent/traveler meeting later this week, it is great to be able to share good news about the many supporters we have to make the journey to Italy possible. Just a sampling of the many folks that have offered their support... with more to come... Happy Chef is outfitting the travel team with chef coats to be worn at our classes in Ripatransone as well as on the plane as we fly from Philadelphia. Nothing looks better than a gaggle of white-coated students sharing a common bond of the Spirit of the Kitchen. not only supports the students while in residence at school, but overseas as well. A long-time partner, ChefTalk has provided our team with journals to record all of the great adventures, tales and recipes as we make our way. Additionally, ChefTalk has provided financial support to assist with assembling a book capturing the journey, upon our return. Al's Sporting Goods in Wilmington is equipping the team members with travel bags to keep their gear safe and at-hand on the long flight and for our day trips throughout the Marches region. A parent of a graduate of our culinary arts career area at Delcastle is part of Al's staff. As such, he is expanding the circle of the good vibes that come from being part of the culinary family. The above are just a few of the many supporters, sponsors and partners of the forthcoming TeamItalia journey. We will continue to make public the generosity of the many good spirits that are making this trip possible.

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