Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gena writes: Last night sitting in the cooking class with Chef Cappecci, I barely noticed the heat. It struck me that I thought I knew what living was, but I realize I hardly have an idea of what it is. The reality is, living in the moment is so important to realizing all of what life has to offer. The experience of being in a class learning the ways of an Italian chef teaching us real Italian food shadows what I have experienced in our country. Rather, the numbing sensation of the heat and the reflection time have really shined a light on how much living I want to do.


  1. Gena - What an insightful reflection! As parents and teachers we are so proud of our kids when they start making connections & realizations such as yours! Continue "living in the moment" and inspiring those around you. Have fun!!

  2. Gena, ur writing was so beautiful! It brought tears tio my eyes! I'm so happy that ur having fun n learning so much. This experience is going to make such a wonderful impact on ur whole life for years to come! I miss u so much n can't wait until u come back home! Ok...i have good news that I just can't wait to tell u! I found myself dialing ur phone number, then realizing that I couldn't call u n that made me sad! I was in a singing contest on the radio, 94.7 wdsd, on thursday. I sang against one person n people called in to vote. Well, I won! So now, I advance tio the semi-finals next thursday at the sports zone in smyrna. N I really wish u could b there! But, I dont plan to lose, I think ull b home for the finals. If I do win the while thing, I get $1000, and will buy u whatever u want! U have always been my biggest supporter when it came to my singing. U believed in me when I didn't believe in myself...thank u for that! when I'm up on the stage, I will b singing for u! I love u cuz n I miss u so much! I can't wait til u get home! <3