Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nigel writes: We spent the morning in the Adriatic Sea. It is hard to believe that I can say that! We twisted and turned our way down the side of the mountain from the hilltop village we are staying in to land on the shore of the Adriatic. The water is amazing. Really! From crystal clear, to emerald green to sky blue. We almost forgot about the heat, for a little while. The beach here is very different from back home. We have to pay to rent little tables with umbrellas attached and lounge chairs underneath. In between times in the sea, we walked around and visited the little shops that line the beach. It is so different here! We had frozen cappuccino and rosemary focaccia instead of the usual slice of Grotto's pizza and iced tea. We made our way back to the convent for 'pranzo' - our lunch - of really amazing fried chicken and french fries. Even the American-style food is better here. After lunch, our friend/translator/son of our Italian language teacher learned how to catch a baseball with our help. He's pretty good!

We have another language class tomorrow morning and are preparing a lamb for dinner during our cooking class tomorrow night. Looking forward to another evening with Chef Cappecci!

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