Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nope! Not going to say it! Not even going think it!! Can't believe it is true. Alas, we all must come face to face with the facts: we leave for our return to the States with a 4:00am bus trip to Rome. There are so many tales to tell, stories to share and lessons learned. Those will all come later. For now, we part ways with what, for many, has become home. We are all changed. We have seen life in a different way. Yes, we miss the ways of 'back home', but we also have embraced the life we have discovered here. There is a gentle sadness in leaving this place. It was nearly 2 years in the planning, many sacrifices and sweat equity from countless supporters, family and friends. For that, there are no words to say thanks. Rather, we share a collective feeling of accomplishment in traveling halfway around the world, embracing a different culture and experiencing a life that truly is without borders.

Thank you for following along as we have shared our journey. The blog will stay 'alive' with follow-ups and more stories as they are written. For now, let's just say that TeamItalia 2014 sounds just about right.

We meet with the town's Mayor in a few hours and then our final meal in the convent. These are the last words from this side of the world and written with clouded eyes and a heavy heart. Time, it seems, beckons us back to a different place. This life here though, this sweet life, will not soon be forgotten.

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