Sunday, July 18, 2010

Past Few Days

Ashley Anton Writes:It's been an awesome few days. Friday night was our night out in the town as a whole group. We walked around and mingled with the towns people. It's great to be able to understand them knowing only a little of the language. With the hand motions and the expressions they showed made translating a little easier.

Saturday night was the first night of the Meat Festival. During the day Thursday, we assisted in the butchering of 4 cows. We watched them take apart the pieces and then told us to cut them into different pieces to be used for different purposes. Most of the meat was ground for hamburger while the rounds and ribs were cut into pieces to be used as steaks. We also said fair well to our friend, Dario who assisted us in translating. It's crazy how much we take advantage of the simple things. Without someone there to help makes it quite difficult.

Today, we had the day off. I took advantage of this time and slept in and then joined the group at lunch for some amazing pasta, as usual, and a roasted pepper and olive stuffed beef with a side of sauteed kale. Due to our free day, we retreated to Quercus Park, an adventure park where we spent the next 3 and a half hours, zip gliding and making our way through various courses. The pictures below were taken during our time spent there. We all had such a blast. From the Chef's being a little nervous to the falls and laughs as we made our way back to the bottom of the course.

We have about 3 days left now. I cannot believe time is going by so quickly. I feel like we've been here for months. It's going to be hard to re-adjust to the time change, sleeping arrangements and the daily activities. Oh, and especially the food! Coming back is definitely in my agenda.

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