Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ropes course... high in the sky!

Paul writes: We just returned from the Quercus Park rope course, and I never had so much fun! Quercus is a ‘Parchi Avventura’ loosely translating to ‘adventure park.’ It is a suspended rope course, with tension lines drawn between trees, some as high as 30 feet up! There were obstacles, such as a balance line or ladder-type path or zip line.

At first glance I had doubts, and even at the first obstacle I was frozen with fear, the wind blew as the boards were swaying and it took a good five minutes for me to get going but once I did, I enjoyed the course. The zip-line was my favorite part because I flew through the trees, with the wind in my…….helmet, and watching my other classmates, and teachers, conquer their fears. I had a blast and will remember that experience forever!!

Tonight, we dine at the Beef Festival and will be taking in some great music. Tomorrow, we are heading to a winery for our final cooking class and dinner with our friend, Chef Capecci. Ciao, for now.

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