Thursday, July 15, 2010

Italia Adventure

Ashley Anton Writes: These past few days have been crazy busy. Yesterday was filled with shopping and site seeing from different landmarks, cafes and food markets. We traveled to San Benedetto to explore. Fashion is HUGE here; Prada shoes, Gucci glasses, fur coats etc. At one point, Chef and I were discussing watermelon and how we both were craving ice cold fresh watermelon. He told me how in Chicago they have stands of watermelon sitting in tubs of ice cold water and people can walk up and have a slice to cool down on a caldo (hot) day. What was ironic is that literally two seconds later, we stumble upon a watermelon stand. It was incredible. It was easily 105 degrees and we had been outside walking in the heat all morning. The feeling was outstanding. A cold slice of watermelon on a 10cent plate and a knife stabbed right in the middle. We spent an hour just hanging out with each other and our new friend, Dario. Then today, we had our second language class as well as another cooking class with Sandro. Learning a new language is difficult but intriguing. I want to become fluent eventually. At class we made gnocchi and marinara. We also made a pork loin with an arugula tomato salad. Classes are awesome here. Even with the language barrier, it's easy to understand what Sandro is saying because we all speak the same language, kitchen lingo. With only 6 days left, it feels like we've been here for forever. A new home possibly in the future? Maybe so.

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