Wednesday, July 14, 2010

San Benedetto

Chef Mullen Writes: The market day in San Benedetto was beyond words. After visiting the many markets and cafes, we were talking about how watermelon used to have seeds, were huge, and the sweetest red fruit your taste buds desired. Lo and behold, we stumble upon a place on the street cutting wedges of seeded watermelon to order. As we sat there at tables under umbrellas shielding us from the sun, slurping on sweet red nectar, we began the teachings of fun filled watermelon seed fights. We had fresh water buffalo mozzarella cheese, crusty bread, figs, dried sausages, prosciutto, and salami made it the feast we all have been craving. This day was near perfect and a little life altering. We caught the bus back to Ripatransone to get to our 5 o'clock cooking class with Chef Sandro Capecci. We've all been waiting to cook with him since we've cooked with him before in Wilmington. We made pan roasted chicken, Filled pasta(from hand rolled fresh) and Ragu sauce, We all sat down with Chef Cappecci and his 10 year old daughter Silvia. This was just another feast to remember.

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