Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are here! Long day, long night... followed by a long day... all very much worth it! The crew hastily made their way through the Rome airport to feast on a visual bonanza as we travelled to the east coast of Italy to the walled city of Ripatransone.

We invaded around noon, and walked through the town to get to our housing at the centuries' old convent. Road wary and hungry, you wouldn't have guessed that exhaustion had set in. All smiles as we took our first collective deep breath of Italian air.

Lunch was waiting for us and, in the words of road-wary traveler, Abby, "Wow! Pasta in Italy!" The first main dish... braised rabbit! Guess what?! They all ate it... and enjoyed it!


To capture the memories, Gena is already collecting her thoughts in her journal provided to all the students by our friends at ChefTalk.com. We will post reflections, thoughts and tasty bits from the students' journals as we move along. 

Tomorrow, we start the day with our first language class. Following lunch, we head to the local elementary school's kitchen for our first cooking class with Chef Cappecci. Plenty of thoughts and pictures from the travelers throughout our stay here. Check back often.

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  1. So excited to read your first post!! I am looking forward to reading and seeing pictures of your most excellent adventure in Italy!! Thanks! :)